Dennis Davis Singer and Songwriter...

Original Texas Music from the Gulf Coast....

The sign in my office says “Life’s too short not to live it as a Texan”. Growing up in Michigan, it was a long journey until I finally settled south of Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast. After high school, I spent a year backpacking through Europe with a buddy, came back home, went to college, spent some time as an Army officer living in Alabama, North Carolina and in Europe.. had a few adventures... went back home...again... and then I finally settled down here in Texas. I knew I would always end up somewhere near the water. I do have a day job… but music has always been where my heart is.


Texas music is kind of in it's own little world. I have so many musical tastes. That’s why I love this part of the gulf coast. It’s like gumbo with a little bit of everything… Acoustic, Folk, Country, Zydeco, Rock, Blues, and plenty of TropRock.


Everybody always asks what exactly is "TropRock"... well I think it probably means something different for everybody... For me, it's not always about margarita's, tropical places and palm trees (although those are some of my favorite things !) there's more to it... I think it's just music that makes you feel good... It's a feeling... it's parrotheads and sing-a-longs and dancing and parties... it reminds you of good times and summer days... beach music is different anywhere you go so you can't just say that TropRock is one type of music... bottom line is it just makes you feel good !


I can’t put my songs into any one category because I like it all and I think you’ll get a little bit of all those flavors from me. My family and friends, moments we share and different places that I’ve been are my biggest inspirations… I do love summer days, palm trees, and the beach so that’s usually a feeling that finds a way to my songs. I try to write positive… I like songs that make you feel good... Life is too short not to try and enjoy it... I still love to play all the Buffett / Beach stuff... there is so much great music out there... but it's always kind of cool to be able to throw my own songs in the mix...


For more details about me, the music, and where I'll be playing... make sure to check out


So… that’s the story... for now… thanks for listening.

I hope you like the music.









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